Make Your Surface Look as Good as New

We provide commercial and residential sealcoating in New Bedford, MA

Your asphalt surface is constantly exposed to the elements. Exposure to the sun or moisture eventually leads to troublesome cracks.
Let the experts at S & J Sealcoating give your asphalt surface a face-lift. We provide residential and commercial sealcoating in New Bedford, MA and the surrounding area. In a day, you'll have a surface that looks brand-new.

Protect your asphalt surface with a commercial or residential sealcoating service. Contact us today to schedule your appointment in New Bedford, MA or the surrounding area.

How will we complete your service?

Whether you're hiring us for residential or commercial sealcoating, you can expect our team to:

  • Thoroughly clean and protect your surface
  • Apply a rubberized crack sealant to uneven areas
  • Shield areas of your surface that don't need a sealant

Your surface will be dry within 24 hours.

Call today to plan your commercial or residential sealcoating service in New Bedford, MA or the surrounding area.